Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my website! Here, you can explore my portfolio showcasing my expertise in DevOps. From scalable infrastructure to automated deployment pipelines, discover my skills in cloud technologies, containerization, and configuration management. Let's connect to drive innovation in software development. Thanks for visiting!

About me

My name is Bek M.
I'm highly motivated and experienced DevOps Engineer with solid knowledge and hands-on experience in designing, building, configuring, testing and monitoring cloud infrastructure.

I'm delighted to have you here and provide you with a glimpse into my DevOps portfolio.

As a passionate DevOps professional, I have dedicated my career to bridging the gap between development and operations, fostering efficient collaboration, and optimizing software delivery processes.

Within these pages, you'll discover a collection of projects that highlight my expertise and experience in the DevOps realm. From designing robust and scalable infrastructure to implementing automated deployment pipelines, each endeavor showcases my commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions.

My projects

Explore my projects demonstrating scalable infrastructure, automated deployment pipelines, and cloud expertise (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). Discover my containerization and orchestration skills using Docker and Kubernetes. Witness my proficiency with Ansible configuration management and Terraform infrastructure provisioning.

Project 1

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Project 2

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Project 3

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Project 4

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Project 5

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Project 6

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